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What's new in web Design in 2023?

We’re all familiar with the basic functions of a website. Discover this top web design feature we believe every website should have!

Learn how some business owners are utilizing their custom web design to become more profitable than most.

The #1 web design feature every business should have

The true purpose of a website has many functions, such as helping develop your brand identity, making the right first impression, or even educating your customers. The bottom line for most business owners is having a website that generates sales, increase their profit margin and a platform that provides potential clients with all the information necessary to expedite their buying decision. 

This new feature we’re offering to our customers helps them do exactly that and more! 

Here's what we're doing in our business

We’re all familiar with the basic functions of a website, but what’s happening in the background is even more important. Unfortunately, most designers or people who tend to invest in cheap websites tend to overlook this functionality (read our latest article on The Awkward Truth About Cheap Website Design). 

We realize the importance of utilizing your website as a marketing tool. As we know, when we market, we look for our marketing efforts to drive sales. We design websites with the intention to generate sales. The number one attribute of every website should be to generate sales, build a prospect database that your business can engage with on a weekly basis and integrate tracking that allows you to market to prospects on social media. 

We design custom sales-driven websites that help businesses convert website visitors to high-paying clients.

Our first step is always to identify our client’s buyer persona. We then work with you to create a website that ultimately helps you do 1 or 2 things: 

  1. Sale a product or schedule an appointment
  2. Generate leads. Lead generation is typically used when selling higher ticket products or services. This process allows you to nurture the lead and build rapport. 

Now, all of our websites are crafted on WordPress with your first Facebook campaign designed and ready to launch at the time your website is delivered! 

We take care of everything from Facebook business page creation (if you don’t already have one), website pixel installation, and creation of conversion events. There’s no additional cost and customers DO NOT WASTE TIME trying to figure out this tedious and time-consuming process.

Why do we call our websites Sales-driven? We create your first campaign the objecting of generating leads, using the 3 secrets below. In order for you to have success with your new website and the campaign we create for you, you’ll need to create your sales funnel process and be aware of how to close a sale. At the end of your sales call, don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. People like to buy but they do not like to be sold. 

Here’s what we do. We simply ask where they are in the buying process. This will let you know your next steps.  And just like that, you’re on your way to becoming more profitable than most!

Secret #1

Track website visitors through a Pixel.

Secret #2

Run specific re-targeting ads to visitors who don't buy.

Secret #3

Generate leads that you can nurture into profitable clients.

About The Author

Jessica Smith Is the Founder and Lead Designer at Prostige Marketing Based in Wisconsin.

Jessica Smith is the Owner and Lead Web Designer of Prostige Marketing. I worked as a professional photographer for over 8 years and as my business began to flourish, I recognized an overwhelming need for both myself and business owners alike to have a customized website that operates as a marketing tool that contributes to my bottom line. 

Need a website that generates sales for your business? Prostige Marketing would love to help! If you know you’d like us to help you generate leads for your business, click below to get started.

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