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Video Production

We help businesses build prestigious brands through creative storytelling content creation. Our commercial video production services are curated with innovation, intentionality and strategy.

We partner with businesses by leveraging marketing videos as a dynamic tool to engage customers, drive business growth and boost sales.

Video Production Services

Done right the first time

As we’ve grown, one thing we realize is that clients do not have the media they need to effectively run their business. Whether its training videos for staff, branding videos that showcase your story or building a Youtube Studio, we are your trusted partners.

Below are the video Production Services we specialize in. 

Brand Videos

Tell your brand story. As your creative director, we get personal and help you develop a unique story and visuals that connect with your target market.

Social Media Content

Get all your content created for you to stay engaged with your clients. This can be videos, photos or both. Its completely up to you!

Promotional Videos

Video ads get much more engagement than photos. We design video ads based on your particular promotion (awareness, lead generation, or sales).

Youtube productions

Our Youtube productions provide you with annual content. We offer uploads directly to your channel so you can focus more on the business.

Training videos

Training videos are an excellent resource for saving on training costs. These may include new hire training videos, updates in procedures, etc.

Grow your brand with video marketing

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Have Questions? We can help.

The type of video depends on your goals. It could be a commercial video, training video, testimonial, or a brand story. Determine your objective first. As your partner, we will guide you through this during your strategy call. 

Ideally, the video length varies but aim for brevity. Typically, 1-2 minutes is suitable for online marketing.

Start with a clear script that highlights your brand's unique value proposition with the use of visuals and storytelling to reinforce the message. After you become a client, the first step is to do a business analysis and brainstorming session with your team to ensure we develop a script that resonates with your audience.

We maintain open communication with our clients. Don't be afraid to share your vision, brand guidelines, and feedback throughout the process.

Budgets vary widely. Consider your goals, complexity, and production quality. The cost can range anywhere from $3000 ro $100,000, but you'll want to schedule a strategy call with your  production company to get a realistic estimate. Remember to be be upfront about your budget. A good production company can tailor the project to fit your financial limits.

Consider your target audience, brand image, and the ability of actors to convey your message authentically. You can take on this task, however, we are a full service production team which means we typically handle each step of this process for you. 

The right tips to get the most out of your video production and marketing experience

Make a statement with your marketing videos. Follow us on Youtube for more video production and marketing tips. 

What does a video production team need to offer?

Poor audio will make a break a film. From a technical standpoint, a video production team should not only have professional audio but redundant audio. Professional lighting and professional cameras that shoot in 4k. An experienced team should be able to provide compelling storytelling and provide a visual representation of your value proposition. 

More importantly, A brilliant video won’t achieve much if it’s not seen by the right people.  A plan for targeted distribution should be a part of the planning process. You’ll want to distribute your video on platforms where your target audience spends their time. 

How to Ensure your commercial film meets your expectations

No two clients are the same and the type of video you need will depend on a few different factors. Are you looking to build awareness introduce your business to prospects or are you looking to generate leads?

In order to ensure you are not wasting your time and resources, you should start with a strategy call. Once you know you want to move forward, there should be a detailed planning process, including meeting with your production team, including a business analysis and brainstorming session to ensure your production is delivering the RIGHT message to your audience. Ultimately, the creative direction and messaging should be clear prior to filming to ensure your company does not have to pay for unnecessary revisions. 

How to get started with video production for your business

The first step to creating a commercial film for your business is to schedule a strategy call to assess your business needs and learn how we can become partners.

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Ready to get started?

Schedule a strategy call below for a custom quote tailored to your business needs. This is a quick discovery call for us to learn more about your business and how we can help level up your video marketing campaigns.

There is no pressure to buy; however we hope to welcome you to the Prostige Marketing family!

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