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5 Top reasons why Businesses Need A Website

Don't make the mistake of thinking "I receive a plethora of bookings through social media, so I don't need a website for my business". Your website serves as a marketing tool and EVERY ENTREPRENEUR needs a website, regardless of your popularity on social media.

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, you have less than 7 seconds to make a first impression and not having a website sends the wrong message.  Many business owners do not understand the importance of brand identity and user experience. 

A website is more than a platform to display pretty pictures; it should be used as a marketing tool to streamline your business processes. How many times have you heard of customers complaining about poor communication from companies, taking a week to receive a response from an email, etc.? Integrating your CRM to your website allows you to setup automation for communication and reminders sent directly to your phone so you never forget a follow up call or meeting. All of these things contribute to a poor impression of your business and missed opportunities to convert inquiries to profit. 

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1. First impressions Matter

Your online presence should be a top priority for your business. If you’re anything like me, whenever someone refers me to someone or even if I view a business on Instagram, the first thing I do is view their website. Not having a website gives the impression that this person is not serious about their business. The last thing you want is for prospects to question your organization’s professionalism and adequacy. 

2. Build Credibility

Let’s be honest. People do business with people they trust. It’s not enough to have just any website, but a professional website gives a more professional look and reaffirms you as a legitimate business. Consumers who perceive businesses as being credible are more likely to have brand loyalty, feel a strong sense of trust and recommend your product/service.

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3. Brand Awareness

You are your brand. Your customers are online and not having a website is a missed opportunity. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is failing to brand themselves and wonder why they struggle to attract their ideal client. If no one knows who you are, why would they pay top dollar for your brand or services? 

4. You own Your Content

One of the amazing things about having a custom website is that you own it. This becomes particularly important when you begin to utilize your website for generating leads, which you can nurture and convert into high paying clients. What happened when Facebook shut down? How many business owners were in panic mode? Owning your own database of prospects that you can email market to is exactly why you need a website!

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5. Generate Leads

If you think social media takes the place of a professional website or if you think it’s good to have just for the sake of having it, then you’re selling yourself short. One of the best ways to generate leads or sales is through landing pages (also known as sales pages) on your website.

It takes consumers 7 times of seeing your brand before they actually buy. This is where you can create lead magnets on your website to capture their contact information and nurture the lead. This is particularly effective for large ticket items.

About The Author

Jessica Smith Is the Founder and Lead Milwaukee Web Designer at Prostige Marketing Based in Wisconsin.

Jessica Smith is the Founder and Lead Designer of Prostige Marketing. I worked as a professional photographer for over 8 years and as my business began to flourish, I recognized an overwhelming need for both myself and business owners alike to have a customized website that operates as a marketing tool that contributes to my bottom line. 

Need a professional website for your business? Prostige Marketing would love to help! For a limited time, save $995 on branding with the purchase of a new website or website redesign. 

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