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The awkward truth about
cheap websites

The truth about utilizing your website as a marketing tool and how cheap websites can affect your business. 

Why not invest into a pre-built website? You may be thinking it saves time, money and it’s easy to put together. Does a cheap website make sense for your business? Lets find out!

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    The guide to selecting the right website platform

    When I started my first business venture 8 years ago, I didn’t have a massive marketing budget and there were things I “cheaped” out on and my website was one of them. I had a wix website and although it was cheap, looking back on it, I have to ask myself was it worth it for the growth of my business.

    Fast forward, I got a business mentor which by the way was one of the best decisions I could have ever made as a new business owner. During the process of utilizing my website as a marketing tool, I really started to realize the limitations of cheap websites. I tried many work arounds, but ultimately, I needed a platform with more control for SEO, a strong content marketing strategy and unlimited landing pages for my ads.

    Custom vs. Cheap websites

    When it comes to websites, its all about the client experience. In order to attract clients that are interested in investing in your business, we break out the experience as follows: 

    First impression – Your digital footprint says a lot about your brand. If your website looks cluttered, cheap and disorganized then no one is expecting to pay top dollar. One of the most common frustrations for new and seasoned entrepreneurs is how to attract their ideal client. You have to be willing to invest in your business for the results you desire.

    Interaction and visibility – When it comes to the design of your website, is it easy for people to navigate your website and find the information they need to make an educated decision on your product/services? This is one of the reasons why I quickly started to see the limitations of cheap websites vs. custom websites built on WordPress. I needed a website that allowed me to have more customization without me having to purchase third party software or multiple websites.

    Client journey – These are a set of steps and communications a prospect goes through after contacting your business. How is the relationship managed from inquiry to delivery? Every business should have a CRM integrated into their website. This keeps the communication with prospects and current clients organized and timely. There are other tools that can be installed in the background to take leads through an email marketing sales funnel. Again, these are the benefits of having a more controlled system.

    The relationship – This coincides with the client journey. After a prospect has become a client, you must continue to feed the relationship. This can be done by posting interesting and relevant tips and education on your blog. You can also integrate your youtube videos on your blog as this keeps readers more engaged. This allows your current clients to keep you on their mind for future business and referrals, as well as giving your website a favorable ranking on Google.

    Once I realized the power of a custom website, it was Bye -Bye Wix and Hello WordPress.

    Ultimately, its up to you on what makes the most sense for your business. It’s okay to start with a cheap website such as Wix, but at some point you should make a plan to spend your marketing dollars where it counts.

    About The Author

    Jessica Smith Is the Founder and Lead Designer at Prostige Marketing Based in Wisconsin.

    Jessica Smith is the Owner and Lead Designer of Prostige Marketing. I worked as a professional photographer for over 8 years and as my business began to flourish, I recognized an overwhelming need for both myself and business owners alike to have a customized website that operates as a marketing tool that contributes to my bottom line. 

    Need a website that generates sales for your business? Prostige Marketing would love to become partners! If you know you’d like us to help you generate leads for your business, skip the video and click below to get started. 

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